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Built for the Brave

Micro Fleece Cap


Now this is really using your head. The Polartec® Micro Fleece Cap is the most fundamental piece of the GEN III E.C.W.C.S. system. Constructed from Polartec® Micro Series Fleece and small enough to stash anywhere.

  • Polartec® Micro Series Fleece
  • Highly compressible
  • Durable 3-panel construction
  • Warmth without Weight
  • Fast Drying

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*Choose Waist Size & Length

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Polartec® Micro Fleece

The classic soft micro fleece. Polartec® Fleece is the original synthetic fleece, forever changing what we wear in cold weather. This now proven thermal technology delivers breathable performance, soft comfort, and long lasting durability.

  • Soft Comfort
  • Warmth without
  • Weight
  • Highly Breathable
  • Durable